Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Man docked for alleged unlawful possession of human skull, ribs

A 30-year -old man, Shehu Gidado, was on Tuesday arraigned at an Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court, Ibadan, over alleged unlawful possession of human skull...

Mark Wahlberg edges out Dwayne Johnson as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor

  The actor earned $68 million in the last year thanks to a big payday from “Transformers: The Last Knight” and the upcoming “Daddy’s Home...



APC denies zoning governorship ticket in Anambra

The leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Monday debunked rumours making political rounds in Anambra State that it has zoned its...


Mark Wahlberg edges out Dwayne Johnson as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor

  The actor earned $68 million in the last year thanks to a big payday from “Transformers: The Last Knight” and the upcoming “Daddy’s Home...

Show Dem Camp releases EP ‘Palm Wine Music

Following the completion and success of their Clone Wars mixtape series, Nigerian fast rising hip hop  artists, Wale Davies (Tec) and Olumide Ayeni (Ghost)...


An economic plan at last

A tale of two judgments


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Usain Bolt and the end of an era

By Tayo Ogunbiyi There is, perhaps, no other athlete that has so much caught the attention of the whole world in contemporary time as Usain...

EFCC: Is Obono-Obla sabotaging the anti-corruption war?

By Uche Ugboajah One of the constitutional amendments that Nigerians have been clamoring for is the separation of the office of attorney-general from the position...

Malami, EFCC, ICPC and the fight against corruption

By Godwin Onyeacholem   Of all the vote-catching strategies laid out by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the lead up to the 2015...

Redefining land administration in Lagos

By Temilade Aruya The attendant issues and problems associated with land acquisition and ownership including land registration, obtaining title documents for landed properties such as...

Flooding: Between actions and consequences

By Temilade Aruya Flooding is a global phenomenon that has continued to constitute a major threat to cities across the world. Universally, flooding comes with...







Man United hits Swansea 4-0

  Eric Bailly's first United goal on the stroke of half-time set them on their way before Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial blitzed...


A case of perpetual enslavement?

By Prof Remi Sonaiya A Nigerian couple lived next to the residence of the Nigerian ambassador in Harare, Zimbabwe. On the other side of the...

A case of perpetual enslavement?

By Remi Sonaiya A Nigerian couple lived next to the residence of the Nigerian ambassador in Harare, Zimbabwe. On the other side of the Nigerian...

We must think to transform our reality!

By Prof Remi Sonaiya “THINK” was the motto brought to IBM (formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company) by Thomas Watson when he joined the...

The joke called Buhari London visit

By Oguwike Nwachuku “This week, 10 Nigerian governors and two party leaders have gone to London to "see" President Buhari. Let’s assume that these governors...

Joyce Unegbu: Broadcast presence top-notch on morning ride

BY M A C ODU As a listener I desire just a little more than information. I always expect humanity in presentation. I desire creative presentation of any programme to meet with my concepts of seriousness and keenness in reaching out for entertainment options to programme presentation. I discovered the subject profiled lady, qualified in projecting a wholesome broadcast presence to listeners in her presentation of an early morning programme MORNING RIDE  that seeks to task people on world events and current affairs so soothingly and engagingly. She normally poses a question and keeps listeners in wholesome suspense through the entire time-span of her presentation. No matter the question, she bridges gaps with charm and Celine Dione’s sentimental tunes to rivet the listener through her fifty minutes or so in convenient un-boring stretches. She shows amazing breath of research across continents with every subject she exposes in her presentation. She captivates the listener with attention to detail. She shows appropriate level of humanity and concern for the listener as she sorts answers with riveting humour and floods of gratitude to protagonists in her programme. I humbly suggest that few people are able to detach from listening in once her programme starts. Her persuasive feminine voice vibrant with emotional appeal to opposite sexes, compels unflinching attention. Her jokes humble and appealing come in unobtrusively at appropriate self- created gaps in her seasoned delivery of entertainment. I wonder whether her deserved attainment of her capability heights is possible in 94.4 with its hero-worshipping role as property of a sitting governor breathing down subordinates’ necks especially as he depends on air waves solely for communicating with his worshippers. I sincerely wish she moved to a private broadcasting house where her quality will blaze her into instant prominence and comfort. She ends her presentation with appropriate parting humour. One always wished that time should have stood still whenever her programme began. She is similar to Ifeyinwa Akubue of 100.5 in deep understanding of life and moral imperative of living. I would let Joyce win by a hair’s breadth for her research prowess.  

The president we must have this time

By M A C Odu   I do not think Nigerians should nominate someone for a sensitive position like President of Nigeria without setting out credentials and criteria that informed our choice. The criteria should make primaries easier since those who step forward eventually for the position should have met a substantial proportion of the criteria prior to political party nomination. These credentials may be considered for inclusion in the Nigeria Constitution. I do not think that anyone under sixty should vie for that No. 1 position in Nigeria without established inside-out  knowledge of Nigeria, without being ICT savvy, without: impeccable credentials in public trust, patriotism,  nationalism, oratory, high negotiating skills, clean public service records where applicable, perspicacity in vision for the nation and stable family character. He must in addition be a symbol of Nigeria in attitude and carriage in private and public life. He should not have been faulted or doubted as a clean leader through his public and private life.  He must be a professional and not a politician, for politics is not a profession. In fact politics is an endeavour of discovering true leaders and selling such leaders to the electorate for love of nation or state or electorate and what is right and proper; and not for benefiting from such endeavour with pecks of power unless of course such desire is backed up with a discipline or profession. A politician should not be rewarded with leadership position for which he does not have appropriate qualification to fill. By a professional, I mean someone who had acquired and discipline and had lived with it for at least twenty years and established goodwill that should attract for him patronage for high fidelity position in power. Leadership should be sufficiently backed up with experience of professional life and distinctly satisfactory human conduct garnishing such a life. A professional in short must live with impeccable integrity in thought, word and deed. Nigeria has many people who would easily fit into a mould constructed with these criteria. A good politician should go and find such people and market them to true leaders. But leadership is a different ball game. It is a game for real people with positive credentials only. It is a job for consistent travelers on development journeys in history and in forward perspective which can be deduced for road travelled. An aspirant to power should evoke reverence for his unblemished visibility on the pedestals of right courses. Leadership is that important. It is not a game for triflers and miscreants. It is not a game of experimenters. It is too serious to be left with neophytes in leadership who subvert society and turn around to seek to lead it. His circle of friends must be varied and universal. He must have truth and justice as his bastion. He must respect professionalism and use them at all times for sharpening his choice of paradigms for development before embarking upon them. He must neither be prodigal in expenditure nor expensive in taste for symbolic relevance. He must be discreet and humble even in prosperity. He must dine with nobles and retain the common touch. He must not be too old to drift into somnolence in prolonged discourse nor too young to be limited in experience profiles required dearly for discussion with leaders of other nations. He must be starkly aware that Nigeria Project comes first in his wakefulness and his sleep. He must discipline himself to the reality of bearing the future of the populace on his shoulders no matter how narrow it physically is. He must be a dreamer, visionary and pragmatist. He must be humble to listen to the lowly and give their needs attention. His yardstick for policy formulation must be the poorest in the community under his umbrage. His ultimate goal is the betterment of the majority at the bottom of the social pyramid. It should be fairly easy for political parties or individuals who favour independent candidacy to choose from among their ranks people who meet a significant proportion of these criteria before throwing aspirants up for presidential nomination and election.


Lagos water privatisation: Group writes World Bank to clarify role

By Daniel Kanu Assistant Politics Editor   The Our Water Our Right Coalition comprising over 10 groups has written to the World Bank demanding to know its role in plans by the Lagos State government to move...