Flood caused by heavy rain on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, destroyed properties worth millions of naira and rendered many residents of Gashaka, Janga Siri and Maluri towns in Fika Local Government Area of Yobe State homeless.

The rain, which fell in the night, lasted several hours, while consuming many domestic animals and food items.

Already, victims of the disaster are taking refuge at primary school buildings in the area.

One of the victims, Ibrahim Ahmed, said that his four-bedroom house was pulled down by the flood.

He said, “When we discovered that the rain is heavy that night, we vacated the house and not quite long it fell down. We lost our animals, foodstuffs, livestock feed, clothing and other properties to the heavy rain.”

Another victim, Wakili Baba, said, “My home with  19 bedrooms fell down. I am living with my immediate and extended family members; we don’t have food now as all had been destroyed by the flood. We are appealing to Yobe State government to come to our aid by assisting us with shelter and food items. We need drainage and culverts.

“We are now taking refuge in dilapidated former local government Secretariat.”

Culverts and two bridges were completely overwhelmed by the flood, rendering the only accessible road impassible.

The flood also cut-off some settlements from the council headquarters from other parts of the area, as one of the major bridges was completely swept away, while the stream which is the only source of drinking water in the community with a population of over 900 people was flooded.

The development had led to women and children trekking long distances to fetch water for domestic use.

Assessing the disaster, Chairman of Fika Local Government Area, Alhaji Adamu Usman Bazam, described the magnitude of devastation as an act of God.

“On receiving the report I immediately visited the scene and took the report to the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) for intervention. I also reported to the Deputy Speaker of Yobe State House of Assembly, Dr. Ibrahim Kurmi, being an indigene, to assist in pushing our demands.

“The victims need assistance of foodstuff. In one of the affected area, Maluri Village, two boys sustained injuries on their arms.” He assured to forward their problem to the state government for rapid response.